With the help of my friend and Web page designer extraordinaire, Tess Gadwa, I created this blog to provide a forum for Christians, aspiring Christians, fans of Christians, the ambivalent to Christians and even the haters of Christians to discuss what happens after the altar call. I also want to introduce the world (ideally speaking) to my experiences of what happens after the altar call, which is included in part in my book, “After the Altar Call: A Young Black Woman’s Journey of Faith.”

For those of you familiar with “church speak,” you probably know all about the altar call. For the benefit of those of you who are unfamiliar with this language, let me translate this term. I think I learned in journalism school to never write “according to Webster’s Dictionary…,” as it is a cliché, but I am so stoked that the term “altar call” even appears in the dictionary, I will provide the dictionary definition here. An altar call is “an appeal by an evangelist to worshipers to come forward to signify their decision to commit their lives to Christ.”

Many churches no longer have an altar at the front of the church, but that is where the pastor and or evangelist usually appeals to members of the congregation or the audience to make that life-changing decision to be a follower of Jesus Christ. But what happens next? I’ve never seen a Christian handbook handed out at the altar call. I know what you’re thinking – that’s why Jesus Christ has the B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth – I have heard that acronym so many times I had to include it). I know, I know, but it is sometimes challenging to translate the Bible to apply to our modern day world.

I think the foreword to my yet unpublished book best explains my experience. (And yes, I am seeking a publisher for my book. Hit me up if you’ve got the hook up!) It is below for your reading pleasure.

Excerpt from After the Altar Call

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