ATL, shawty! Sorry, I’m a southern girl by way of Jamaica. My book takes place in metro Atlanta, but with the help of the Internet, “After the Altar Call” can take place anywhere at anytime. If you stop by, please be sure to tell me where you are blogging from if you don’t mind. It would be cool to connect with people all over the world and blogopshere! You’ve got to tell me if South African preachers have altar calls! I wonder if altar calls in Birmingham, Alabama resemble altar calls in Birmingham, England. What do altar calls look like in outdoor churches? Holla at a sister!!!

3 Responses to “Where”

  1. Hollaaaaa,,

    Loved your first blog sister J. Your points of view were interesting and BRAVE given the religous climate here in the ATL.

    Stephanie B.

  2. I don’t know about South African preachers, but I can testify that preachers in Uganda definitely have altar calls just like here in the States. Some I witnessed were outdoors under the big blue clear sky. Others were in mud buildings with a thin roof consisting of sheets of tin and huge leaves. Either way…truly moving and ALL for the glory of God.

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