Christmas & Children Go Together aka Jackie Loves The Kids!

Hello World!

As I contemplate my Christmas plans, it seems like whatever I plan, nothing will bring the immense joy that I felt as a child at Christmas time. I love to watch my nephew opening up his gifts on Christmas. It’s as if each gift he opens potentially possesses the keys to life, and he must ravage each package in his yearly quest. Every year, I get him a remote control car at his request and months later, the car has disappeared or no longer working properly. This year, he has requested a remote control truck. I guess at 9 years old, it’s time for an upgrade…lol…I plan to get my 2-year-old niece a doll for Christmas this year. I hope she relishes dolls as much as I did when I was a little girl. She probably doesn’t get the whole Christmas gift thing right now, but I look forward to the day when she starts making requests as her older brother does…Christmas & children really go together…

Aside from the whole gift giving thing, people also relish the singing voices of children at this time of the year that is not duplicated any other time of the year (unless you are Willow Smith ). And so in this post, I hope these Christmas songs sung by children or for children will bring a smile to your face today…

“Happy Birthday Jesus” is sung by the children of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. This song is achingly sweet…

This is “Carol of the Bells” by the Ishmel Sisters. These cute girls have got it going on! Go girls! Look out Willow! You have some competition!

And what would Christmas be without the “Chipmunk song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)?” This song is guaranteed to make me giggle and remember the almost annual long road trip my family and I take to Memphis to celebrate Christmas with my cousins. It always comes on the radio while my family and I are making the trip.


~ by jackieholness on December 15, 2010.

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