To beat a dead horse…(or black women are the mules of the world – Zora Neale Hurston)

Hello World,

2010 must be the year of “Bash the Black Women.”  From “Why Can’t a Successful Black Woman Find a Man?” to “What Chilli Wants”, the challenges of the love life of black women have been on display for the world to dissect, theorize and criticize…And now our issues are the subject of an increasingly popular cartoon featured on YouTube…

So what do you think? Is there some truth to this funny video? Or we just an easy target at this point?

Hopefully, next year, some other population group will be the topic of discussion…Thankfully, however, there are some black men who are willing to discuss their love woes and related issues on the Internet….

1. Until I Get Married: Inside the Mind of the New Bachelor

2. Baby Daddy Diaries

3. Giving Love A Chance

Check these brothers out. Let me know what you think.

Any thoughts?

~ by jackieholness on October 17, 2010.

10 Responses to “To beat a dead horse…(or black women are the mules of the world – Zora Neale Hurston)”

  1. There’s loads of truth in the video, and it’s also hilarious!

  2. Kinda sick of hearing about it …. and talking about it. Perhaps my sense of humor is a little different, but I don’t think its funny at all.

    • Me too and me too, but this video is so popular, I had to say something…my hope and prayer is that at the very least, black women and men are having conversations among themselves about what we can do to remedy what is going on…nothing doesn’t come from nothing…

    • Check out this dude’s blog as well! Love it!

  3. Actually, I know A LOT of black women who sound exactly like that woman in the video. Their idea of marriage and what constitutes a good man is totally off. And then they wonder why no one can meet their ridiculous demands. Who would bother?

    • If that is true, help a sister out and tell her what’s up…thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  4. I love Until I Get Married. Great great blog! Have you ever read Very Smart Brothas? It is a good one also…by black education men. Keep doing your thang Jackie!

    • I just checked it out…can we say “blog envy?” The got mucho comments…but thanks, it looks like a great blog!

  5. Just found it by accident. Very funny, and I too know a few women who sound soooooo similar.

  6. Thanks Lynn 😉

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