And the countdown continues…Yippee, one more day til ‘Sex and the City 2!!!”

(Liza Minnelli is singing her rendition of “Single Ladies(Put a Ring on It)” in the movie…Does Beyonce’ know?)

Hello World!!!

If you couldn’t guess by my title, I am crazy excited that the new “Sex and the City 2” movie is coming out tomorrow!!! My girls will see it over the Memorial Day Weekend…I was telling R last night that it’s like the Superbowl for women…He kinda chuckled and said, “Okay” and turned back to watch the Lakers game…(Kobe is looking kinda skinny to me, but I digress…)

If you read my previous post about the movie or paid any attention to recent press, you have an idea what the movie is about…So in light in that, I thought I would pose this question to y’all. Do you have a “Mr. Big” and an “Aidan” in your life? If you are married, did you marry your “Mr. Big” or “Aidan?”  Why or why not? Any regrets? I’ve had a “Mr. Big” and an “Aidan” in my dating career, but since I’m friends with most of the guys that I’ve dated in the past and some read this blog, I have to decline to describe my versions of these iconic figures…But I will say this…every girl needs a “Mr. Big” and “Aidan.” A “Mr. Big” is the alluring emotionally unavailable man that you almost trust  that wines and dines you but just won’t marry you…An “Aidan” is the very emotionally available, nice, adorable man that is soo crazy about you from jump that you find it hard to believe…

Anywho, I cannot wait…Will you be there?

Any thoughts?


~ by jackieholness on May 26, 2010.

11 Responses to “And the countdown continues…Yippee, one more day til ‘Sex and the City 2!!!””

  1. I saw this yesterday on AOL Black Voices. Can you yuck three times?
    Not as excited as you are about the movie. Will wait until it comes to the dollar theater …

  2. Yes, I know my excitement is over the top…:) I think Liza will be hilarious!!!

  3. I want to go. When are you guys going to see the movie?

  4. Can’t wait!!!! BUT I will not be making the same mistake I did for Part I ~ this time I am waiting the crowd out and taking on a matinee the following weekend. BTW, I LOVE myself some Aiden :-).

  5. Spending this weekend in Pittsburgh with Aidan, yee haw!!!!

  6. So what do you think? Saw it today – fiancee says II was better than one. I enjoyed both ~ but II was a lot more “real life.”

    • I loved it – for different reasons than the first one. It was definitely more real…but I will explain all of my thoughts on Wednesday 🙂

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