Broads and Billboards aka Oh YaVaughnie…

Hello World!!!

When this juicy story arrived in my e-mail inbox on Friday courtesy of my girl U, I knew I had to write about it…this story is one for the history books…It should definitely be a chapter, if not section, in the Playa Playa manual….Okay, enough of the intro…

Oracle president Charles Phillips must have had a near coronary when he discovered that his former mistress of nearly nine years literally put their love display by posting a picture of the couple on billboards in San Francisco, where Oracle is based; Atlanta and New York’s Time Square. Apparently YaVaughnie (that name is something huh?) was inspired to do so after discovering that Charles was going back to his wife. But she did not stop there. She created a Web site, that has now been taken down, that included a montage of pictures of the couple complete with a soundtrack of karaoke tunes recorded by the former lovers.

I guess what trips me out about this story beyond the obvious is that Phillips is a black man and the president of Oracle…I mean I know that our president is black…but something about this makes me wonder what our forefathers like Frederick Douglass or Harriet Tubman would say…I’m like you defied the odds against you as a black man and rose the top of a major corporation and managed to be taken down by a woman…But I guess folks died so that we could be free – free to vote and free to cheat if we so desire…

And beyond that, I wonder how does one go about being the mistress to the president of a major corporation…They must have obviously run in the same circles…but what circle exactly did YaVaughnie come from…According to stories I’ve read, YaVaughnie is an actress and a writer…but I cannot find a single acting credit or anything she has written…hmmm…something to ponder…

And beyond that, I wonder how many women are approached by married men…As far as I know, two married men have approached me, but of course, I shut them down…But back to YaVaughnie, I understand her pain to a certain degree but how did she wake up day after day for more than eight years knowing that she was cheating with somebody’s husband, the father of a child…

If had to write a chapter in the Playa Playa Manual about YaVaughnie (I love her name), I would entitle it “It’s a Thin Line…” (Y’all fill in the rest…) I would say, “Playas, when thinking of taking a mistress, one must consider the temperament of the ‘lady’ in question. The same woman who is wild and free will remain wild and free when you decide her services are no longer needed. Please consult the section on Steve McNair.  You must also consider the station in life of the ‘lady’ in question. If she has nothing to lose, chances are you will be losing a great deal should you decide her services are no longer needed. Please consult the section on Tiger Woods.” I could go on and on…

I think there should be a yearly edition of the Playa Playa Manual, and the most infamous cheater of the year should be pictured on the cover. Although 2010 has just begun, I think John Edwards should be on the cover for the 2010 edition. (I’m just having fun now…I’m sorry for those who are offended…) You cheat on your cancer-stricken wife and father a child with the mistress…Really, there are no words…I think former President Bill Clinton should be a consultant for the manual…

But seriously though, it’s all sooo sad….since this is a religious blog, lemme go head and add some applicable scripture to this commentary…

But a man who commits adultery lacks judgment; whoever does so destroys himself. Proverbs 6:32

Any thoughts?


~ by jackieholness on January 24, 2010.

7 Responses to “Broads and Billboards aka Oh YaVaughnie…”

  1. Of all the reasons for a man or woman to cheat, not one of them is legitimate. Starting with Adam, didn’t every great and/or powerful man in history fall because of a woman? Without getting too deep, the prez of Oracle and Tiger may have lost their dignity, honor, trust, and a few other moral standards for the moment. But as of today, Tiger is still the greatest golfer in the world, still rich, and still has his wife. And last I heard, Phillips is still prez of Oracle, rich and he and his wife are trying to reconcile. So who really lost in the playa playa realm of things? Yeah, these women may get a couple of bucks by exploiting the wrong that they’ve done. And maybe a little sympathy from some women because of the emotional part of this that only some women can understand. But these women didn’t have a man (so what he used u for 8 years, still wasn’t u that got everything), don’t have a man, and may never have a man. Yes, they’ll find some dude, but a real man, not likely.

    Unfortunately, both sides lose. Even more unfortunate is this will continue to happen. These types of men and women learn nothing from history, the media, nor books… including the bible.

    • You are right – all sides lose. The wife, the mistress and the husband – even if the husband and wife remain together and are still rich – what about the trust? What is a relationship without trust?

  2. Have these men really fallen “because of” a woman? Or because of an abundance of selfishness paired with total lack of self-control? The same character flaws apply to cheating women, of course. It’s our own brokenness. The other parties simply provide the temptation. Which is why we all need Jesus!

    • I think you are right…They need Jesus and some consequences and repercussions…like billboards in three major cities…I think Mr. Phillips will think twice before he attempts this again…hopefully at least…

  3. *Hypothetically speaking*, the current President of the United States is truly in love with Jackie Holness.

    Would you shut him down?

    • Of course…I have to way too much respect for First Lady Michelle and for myself…however, I would be mildly flattered…

      • Understood. In a world where your mistress respects nothing, clearly your marriage means nothing to her.

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