I Heart My DST…

19 D.R.S.

19 D.R.S.

Hello World!!!

What is a DELTA?


What an Aka ain’t.

What a Zeta wants to be.

What a Sigma can’t.

What an Alpha likes.

What a Kappa loves.

What a Que Psi Phi can’t get enough of!


As you can probably tell, this post is dedicated to Deltas all over the world, and we are…But specifically, I want to congratulate the Zeta Psi Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Incorporated, the beloved chapter where I was made. This weekend we celebrated our 40th year of existence at the University of Georgia. 

Zeta Psi working on a Habitat for Humanity home.

Zeta Psi working on a Habitat for Humanity home.

I remember when I first decided that I wanted to be a Delta. I was a college sophomore. An older cousin who I admired had pledged DST at another school, and she talked about her sorority with such love that I started to consider whether pledging DST was for me. Then I had a summer internship at a local newspaper where my boss was a Delta. She was smart, career-oriented and kind. In fact,  I got so close to her that I mentioned that I was possibly interested in pledging the sorority the following school year. At the end of the summer, she gave me a beautiful key chain with a crystal-like elephant (elephants are one of our symbols.) attached to it. As she handed the key chain to me, she whispered, “I know I shouldn’t be giving this to you since you’re not a Delta, but I know you will be one day.” Shortly after, I read the book, “In Search of Sisterhood: Delta Sigma Theta and the Challenge of the Black Sorority Movement,”  by Soror Paula J. Giddings, and I made the decision that I had to be a part of this grand sorority.

But then came the hard part. I had to convince the Deltas at the University of Georgia that I was worthy of being a part of this chapter of accomplished women who were known for their no-nonsense attitude and their overall “flyness.” It was not easy, and I certainly cannot go into the details of pledging on a public blog. But on April 9, 1995, I became a Delta. I was the second woman on a line of 19 women who pledged that year. Publicly, we are known as 19 D.R.S. (Devastating Reflections of Sisterhood). And yes, there is a private meaning that obviously I cannot share. We shared so many experiences on that beloved campus and others- late night step practices, volunteering at community organizations, planning our annual scholarship pageant, gripe sessions, hanging with the bruhs, dating the bruhs and members of other frats, winning thousands of dollars at step show competitions and on and on…

Zeta Psi are some steppers...

Zeta Psi are some steppers...

Since then, our lives have grown and changed. Some of us have gotten married. Some of us have gotten divorced. Some of us have become mothers. Some of us have become doctors. Some of us have become educators.  Some of us have moved cross country. Some of us have stayed put. Some of us have acquired property. Some of us have cut our hair. Some of us have grown locks. Some of us have grown apart. Some of us have gotten closer. And we’ve even lost one to breast cancer…And I expect more changes as time passes and we continue to grow…

Being in a sorority isn’t everything…like in all close relationships, there are misunderstandings and misdeeds…but there is something about being a part of a sisterhood that lasted and grown for decades – since January 13, 1913 to be exact – a sisterhood that was built at a critical time in this country’s history when black people – particularly women were marginalized. And through the support of this sisterhood, many of us have been able to accomplish feats that we were unlikely to accomplish alone.

And without even planning it, many of my best friends outside of my collegiate chapter happen to be Deltas! All I can say is like attracts like.

Zeta Psi, I salute you for 40 years of sisterhood, scholarship and service! Continue to encourage your members to achieve their highest potential and be a home away home on that colossal campus!

I Heart MY DST!

Any thoughts?

Zeta Psi is on YouTube!!!





~ by jackieholness on October 25, 2009.

5 Responses to “I Heart My DST…”

  1. Nothing wrong with a little Delta love, Soror!

  2. Jackie,
    I have read pretty much all of your blogs but naturally this one touched me the most. I love your writing. It was so good to see you Friday even if only briefly. I hope to see you again real soon.

    In Sisterhood…Love you,

    • Hey Lo,

      It was great to see you as well!!! It was great to see so many of us last week. And thanks for supporting my writing!

      In Sisterhood back :),


  3. […] of college, I pledged Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated in Spring 1995! (Oo-oop Sorors!) I remember my roommate and one of my best guy friends at the time […]

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