Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord…

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During these difficult economic times, I’m sure more and more people are finding themselves in church on Sunday mornings…There is nothing like hearing the encouraging and heartfelt words of a skilled pastor accompanied by the sounds of a soulful choir to lift your spirits when all else has failed…I imagine that our beloved commander in chief and his beautiful family would benefit from regularly attending church…but as you know since the debacle that was President Obama’s and Rev. Wright’s break up last year, the Obamas have been without a church home…According to a McClatchy Newspapers article, the Obamas probably won’t pick a church home until after Easter.

Sources in the article stated the following DC churches are on their short list:

1. Metropolitan AME – Powerful black leaders including Vernon Jordan attend this church. Frederick Douglass is a past member, and the church may have been a stop on the Underground Railroad…sounds good to me…

2. Nineteenth Street Baptist – (now on 16th Street) The church has an extensive civil rights history.

3. People’s Congregational United Church of Christ – This church, of the same denomination as Obama’s former church, has a predominantly black congregation. Melody Barnes, Obama’s domestic policy advisor, is a member of the church.

4. Calvary Baptist – Led by a pastor who grew up in Hawaii, this is a smaller church. The Rev. Amy Butler “writes a church blog and is building a young, mixed ethnic and racial congregation.”

I’m sure the Obamas are praying about their choice, and I pray that God’s will prevails…

The Obamas’ search has got me thinking about what people look for in a church. As I’m a preacher’s daughter, I have attended my father’s church for most of my life. For all of its flaws, my small church feels like an extended family. They watched me grow up and their love has sheltered me when the outside world shunned me. (Middle school was crazy hard. 😦 ) We have experienced many deaths in our little family. We’ve watched many members move on to more glitzy and glam churches about town. We’ve watched some stray away from the faith altogether…but we’re still here…and still holding on to our faith…

In an effort to kinda switch things up a bit,  however, I decided  about a year or so ago to attend Bible Study at a different church…Seeing my father at my home church and at my parents’ home can get old…Shout out to Redemption Community Church which is led by Pastor L.K. Pendleton! A small but growing United Methodist church, I also feel at home there. Let me also shout out our fearless Bible Study leader who shall go nameless unless he wants to reveal himself! His passion for the Lord and the Word have inspired me! (He’s a bit mouthy and brash, but I don’t mind…ha,ha!)

What do you look for in a church? Some people prefer large churches whereas others prefer a small, close-knit church. Some churches draw people because of their choirs. Other churches draw people because they have historical significance. Other churches are popular because many races are represented there. Some people like churches because they have “pomp and circumstance.” Some people prefer churches which are led by fringe groups not typically represented at mainstream churches. Other churches draw people because they have star pastors and star members for that matter. Some people pick their churches simply because they are down the street…

Why do you attend your church? Also, don’t be scared to shout our your church!

I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD.  Psalm 122:1

Any thoughts?


~ by jackieholness on March 25, 2009.

11 Responses to “Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord…”

  1. The first and most important job of the church is to teach people the Word, how to live it and how to make it work in their own lives when they leave the building. If people aren’t learning, then the building becomes just a social club.

    The good choir, active auxiliaries and outreaches, fellowships, etc. should just be the “icing on the cake.”

    Shout out to Lakewin Christian Center, Riverdale, GA!

  2. I think it’s important to select a church where you can grow. A place where you can feel like you are making some progress in your “walk with God” It’s a place you can run to for refuge from this cold hard world.
    Shout out to Word of Faith

  3. Agree with Chicki and Vanessa — the Word and opportunity for growth are what it’s all about! I was an unbeliever when I landed at Port City Community Church (a.k.a. “PC3”) in Wilmington, NC. Through listening to Pastor Mike apply the Bible to my life; through my small group, who was patient with all my crazy questions…I came to Christ. That was a little over two years ago. I’m still so grateful to be part of this body of believers, a.k.a. church. 🙂

  4. I forgot to shout out my own church – Central Christian Church in the heart of the SWAT!

    And I too agree the Word and the opportunity to grow as a believer should be the top priorities when choosing a church…

  5. Jackie,

    Like you, I have attended the same church for the majority of my life. It is a family church that believes in the power of love.

    Shout out to Holly Grove AME, Peachtree City, GA!

  6. The first church I was a member of is the church I was born into (Elizabeth Baptist Church, ATL). However at the age of 18 I felt that the Lord led me to my current home The Body of Christ Church International, USA (College Park). I have remained here because the word is being taught in a practical manner that I can understand and apply in my life. I’m also grateful that my pastor (Dr. Joseph Ripley, SR – man I’m shouting out everybody) is one that cares about his members and trains his congregation (especially the leadership) to do the same. It’s important to understand that the church is made up of the people not a particular building or TV program.

    So if I had to advise someone as to what to look for when choosing a church home I would say 1) make sure the word is being taught and taught in a way you can apply it in your life; 2) is the pastor demonstrating that he has a relationship with God and is he teaching you to do the same; 3) do the members seek to use their gifts to lift up the community or are they hoarding their gifts for their own self gradification (the anointing is not for the person but to be used to win others to the Lord) and 4) is this a place that you feel God is directing you to so you can develop and use your gift(s) to build up the kingdom.

  7. @Lance Montford, thanks for your detailed explanation of what people should look for in a church – all good points…especially about the pastor demonstrating that he or she actually has a relationship with the Lord – in my opinion, that’s a top priority..

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  9. […] a previous post, I blogged about what people look for a church. In many cases, it is the pastor and or ministers […]

  10. […] a previous post, I blogged about what people look for a church. In many cases, it is the pastor and or ministers […]

  11. […] my last post, I asked y’all to shout your home church and y’all complied. Thank you kindly! And now […]

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