Like a pimp…part deux

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Although it is a tad chilly here in the A, Spring has still sprung as of last Friday…Before you know it, it will be Easter – the most victorious time of the year for Christians! But I digress, today’s post won’t be long. I just wanted to hear your thoughts about a topic that is frequently discussed on The Michael Baisden Show, a popular radio program that I listen to almost daily.

His series, “Pimps in the Pulpit,” which is mentioned in the bio on his Web site, is always guaranteed to incite excitement! In this series, Baisden discusses his distrust of church leaders for a variety of reasons including some well-known scandals including pastors and the lavish lifestyles that some pastors lead. It seems to me his distrust is one of the reasons that he has shied away from Christianity and organized religion in general.

Apparently, Baisden isn’t the only one that feels that way. One of my Facebook friends posted an interesting link last week about a new book that is on the market. In “Clever Lives and Assumptions from the Pulpit to the Pews,” by Pastor F.L. Anderson, the pastor states that many men stay away from church  because “the lavish lifestyles of some pastors are a stumbling block that keeps many of them away from the Church.”

“Too often we are presented with and are fond of church leaders with the persona and the charisma of the neighborhood, hoods, the used car salesman, or the cunning telemarketer on the other end of the phone. Too many have decided to be mirror images of the neighborhood gangsters and pimps of the ’60s and ’70s who flaunt their money, wear the flashiest clothes and drive the fanciest cars.”

Umm, umm, I didn’t say that…the pastor said that… What do you think?

Pastor Anderson goes on to say that, “In the book of Philippians, Paul gives us insight to the character of Christ. Paul tells us that Jesus made himself of no reputation and took upon Him the form of a servant. In other words, Jesus didn’t make it a point to draw attention to Himself. Though He was and is the King, His lifestyle was a modest one, unlike the lifestyle of then and today. I have come to believe that many love the Pharisees’ lifestyle because the Church is the only organization where the servant lives a lavish lifestyle.”

“Paul backs up the importance of the lifestyle that Jesus lived when he said, ‘Let your moderation be known to all men.’ (Philippians 4:5) He said moderation meaning ‘avoiding extremes, temperate, not flashy, expensive or excessive. Here is one meaning of moderation that Church leaders should pay attention to: moderate indulgence of appetite or desire.”

Other topics discussed in Anderson’s book include: “Why is Your Church in Financial Debt,” “Controlling Ministries and Spiritual Abuse,” Giving Under Grace Not Under Pressure – New Testament Giving vs. Old Testament Tithing” and “The Truth Behind Spiritual Coverings.”

Y’all know this is some explosive stuff for a pastor to get into…

I have my own opinions, but I want to know what you think? I will say this…anyone who wears a pinky ring is trying to be a pimp…so not attractive, ha, ha

Any thoughts?

P.S. In honor of Spring, I have decided to post one of my favorite songs – Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.” Classic. Enjoy.


~ by jackieholness on March 22, 2009.

11 Responses to “Like a pimp…part deux”

  1. Obviously this doesn’t apply to every church or pastor, but it does speak volumes to how easily the human mind can be manipulated. Mostly woman are impressed with the charisma of a smooth talker in church, and very few men. Why? Because we use simple logic in most of our decisions. As someone that grew up in church, I find it odd that some of the churches I attended as a kid are still filled with some of the same people today, and I’m in my upper 30s. The only drastic changes I see would be the growing number of members, a nicer church, and the pastor’s lifestyle. So in the last 30 years or so, he’s the only one in several hundered, and in a few cases, thousands of members in the church that got rich huh? Lets exclude the 1% that are entertainers and hard workers that can justify why they got rich.

    I’ve heard people use bible versus to justify what is going on in the church today. But I’ll just use the common sense that GOD gave me. If Christianity in its most basic definition means to live like Christ, then a lot of these preachers are doing the exact opposite. I think titles like Pharaoh, King, Czar, and Pimp are better. They speak and make you feel so good, inspired, and motivated while you make them rich. To each his, but mostly her own.

  2. great piece!!!!

  3. There will always be people who twist God’s Word to justify excess, or any sin for that matter. The sad thing is that it repels people from Christianity. I repelled me for more than 40 years! I thank the Lord for working on my heart, showing me that it’s not about RELIGION or flawed religious people, but a RELATIONSHIP with Him. I am so grateful He saved me from my wrong thinking, and now lives in my heart to guide me. Halleluia!

  4. Now I’m gonna have to pawn my pinky ring.



  5. @DR…You made some excellent points…I think we women can be very gullible when it comes to religious men in authority…or men in authority in general I think…

    @Katy, yes, some aspects of what is called Christianity, I know, repels instead of draws people to Christ…

    @SD…I knew your were a pimp! Ha,ha Just Kidding! Really!

  6. Jackie,

    Interesting piece. I was wondering why you posted a picture of Al Sharpton. I would not put him in the category of preachers that Pastor Anderson writes about. I can think of 3 preachers right here in the ATL area that fit the bill perfectly. I do not know Sharpton’s financial situation, but I don’t think that he made tremendous wealth by pimping the name of Christ and receiving a “love offering” from his congregation.

  7. Wow there is so much that can be said on this piece. First I would like to point out that “moderation” doesn’t mean lack. Secondly, Jesus had a traveling ministry for three years which supported thirteen full time staff, had a stealing treasurer, and never was in lack. Also none of the deciples (including Paul) lived in lack. Finally when Jesus was crucified the soldiers took off His robe and cast lots for it (in other words the gambled for it).

    I am not saying that there aren’t pastors mismanaging their church funds, just like AIG and many of the banks receiving bailout support, but are we running to the banks and insurance companies to close our checking accounts and insurance policies? No. We may move our money and policies to other institutions that are operating in integrity, but we still have faith in “the system”. So I say if your pastor isn’t walking in integrity then move to a church whose pastor is, but don’t lose faith in God and His system. Remember He has forgiven you of your sins and the times you represented Him poorly.

    I will say this, however, God promised His people that He will bless them abundantly, pour them out blessings that they wouldn’t have room to receive, and meet all of their needs. That doesn’t sound like a God of lack or a God who wants His people living in lack. Not to mention most people talking about the pastor’s new Benz were just praying to God for theirs. So how can you ask God for a luxury car, but want His mouth piece to drive a Toyota???

  8. @ WillieFloydSon, I only used Rev. Al’s pic with Michael Baisden because I think Rev. Al is one of the few pastors that he actually trusts…

    @Lance Montford, what is wrong with a pastor driving a Toyota, particularly if it’s paid for…I think people get too caught up what they percieve to be worldly wealth…If you happen to drive a Toyota versus a Mercedes, I don’t think that’s any indication that God isn’t blessing you…every person in God’s kingdom will NOT drive a Mercedes…although some may…what do you think?

  9. @Jackie, I am not saying it’s wrong for a pastor to drive a Toyota, but I think it’s wrong for the congregation to want, demand, or attempt to hold back a pastor who wants to drive a Benz. The point that I am trying to make is that God wants us to prosper …”in health and wealth as our soul (the way you think) prospers”. Simply put if a pastor is being obedient to God and God blesses him/her with a nice car, house, clothes, etc. who are we to say that he/she shouldn’t have it. But there are people who will argue you up and down that having nice or expensive things isn’t living a life of humility… your thoughts?

  10. @Lance Montford, I think each of us has talents that may or may not afford us wealth as we develop those talents under God’s direction…for some pastors, their talents may lead to them making enough to buy a Mercedes. For some,because of who they minister to or because they may not be as talented as another pastor or what ever the reason, that may mean a Toyota…I do think though that some pastors may be guilty of putting too much emphasis on giving, tithing, etc. in order to benefit their own pocketbooks…but that is another, I don’t think we should judge pastors if they choose to drive a Mercedes, but don’t judge a pastor if he chooses not too…

  11. To Lance: Your comments: “Also none of the deciples (including Paul) lived in lack. Finally when Jesus was crucified the soldiers took off His robe and cast lots for it (in other words the gambled for it).” — I am a new Christian, but I believe that Paul did indeed live in lack when he was in prison, no? Paul says in Philippians 4:12: I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.” As for soldiers casting lots for the robe, that is a “cast-off” robe the soldiers gave him to mock him–along with the crown of thorns and the scepter made of a stick. They later took the robe away and put him back in his other clothes, according to what I’m reading in an Easter study our small group is doing. ~ As for the money debate, the Bible tells us it’s not money that’s evil, but the LOVE OF MONEY. Consider Pastor Rick Warren out at Saddleback in CA, and how he “reverse tithes,” giving away 90% of his earnings, keeping 10%. Of course, he probably makes millions, so is 90% truly generous?? Impressive, yes, but perhaps not sacrificial in the way we think of the widow in Luke 21 who gave two small copper coins–all she had–to which Jesus says: “”I tell you the truth,” he said, “this poor widow has put in more than all the others.” My personal struggles with money/wealth come when I rely on my bank account rather than God’s provision. That’s where money is dangerous; it can change my allegiance in a heartbeat.

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