A Love Supreme…

Hello World!!!

Although it’s Friday the 13th, I’m claiming that this day will be a beautiful prelude to the best Valentine’s Day ever…Can’t nobody love me like Jesus, but the love of a good man is what I am focusing on today… 🙂

I know this verse has been used on countless wedding programs, but I still love it so I will include it here…

His mouth is sweetness itself; 
he is altogether lovely. 
This is my lover, this my friend, 
O daughters of Jerusalem.

Song of Solomon 5:16

Here’s hoping all of us will indulge in a little sweetness tomorrow!!! Also, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I have decided to list my top 14 love songs…keep in mind that I’m pretty fickle, and this list changes pretty frequently…but this is what I’m feeling today in no particular order…

1. “Look What I’ve Got” by Betty Carter – I fell in love with this song when I first heard Carter sing it on an episode of “The Cosby Show.” Remember that episode when Vanessa and her girls wanted to form a singing group…Classic!

2. “I Like The Way (Kissing Game)” by Hi-Five – This song makes me think of 1991 when I was still in high school. Young love, young love…R.I.P. Tony Thompson! We love you!

3. “A Love Supreme” by John Coltrane – In the liner notes, Coltrane discusses his love for God, which is the true LOVE SUPREME, but I think the song is still a really cool romantic song…

4. “The Sweetest Thing” by Lauryn Hill – My girl may or may not be crazy, but she is still the dopest singer of my generation – hands down! I probably need to start praying for her again…

5. “I Like” by Guy- Nikki D. and I LOVE this song…It reminds of us of the day that we skipped high school and rode all through the A in a jeep with the top down…simple pleasures….good times, good times…

6. “Let It Flow” by Toni Braxton – Yeah, it’s a song about love gone bad, but we all know what Frankie Beverly has said is true…Joy and Pain are one in the same …

7. “Adore” by Prince – I know that Prince is out there, but he is still a sexy little man…Can’t nobody even compare…

8. “Scandalous” by Prince – This song is like butta baby…

9. “When 2 Are In Love” by Prince – Pure genius…

10.  “By Your Side” by Sade – When Samantha dances with that devil Richard on the roof of his penthouse as this song plays, I just melt…Oh yeah, I’m talking about one of my favorite shows ever, “Sex and the City.”

11. “At Last” by Etta James – Ms. Etta knows she was wrong for going off on Beyonce like that, but in a strange way, I understand…that’s her signature song…at least someone could have asked her first if she wanted to sing the song…

12. “A Sunday Kind of Love” by Etta James – People sleep on this song…This is what I want truly…someone I can go to church with and go home with and make it “do what it do…”

13. “A Song For You” by Donny Hathway – Although I love this song, somehow it always makes me a little sad for some reason…maybe because of Hathaway’s tragic and mysterious death…

14. “Could You Be Loved” by Bob Marley…Ain’t nothin’ like an island romance, and this song was on the soundtrack of my Island Romance ’97….

I have decided to include the video for “I Like The Way (Kissing Game)” by Hi-Five…It reminds me of when life was uncomplicated, and I need to remind myself of that today…Happy Valentine’s Day!


~ by jackieholness on February 13, 2009.

8 Responses to “A Love Supreme…”

  1. What a great post! By Your Side is my all time favorite Sade song. I was madly in love with someone when this album dropped. Love her!

  2. Nice list. When you have time, stop by my site on Multiply, http://chicki663.multiply.com/ and sign up then you can listen to my playlist of all-time favorite love songs. Some of them are from before you were born …

  3. @Latoicha, thanks for your comment…

    @Chicki, “If This World Were Mine” by Luther is a classic love song of course…I tried to leave a comment, but I think I did something wrong…Yes, some of those songs came out before I was born, but I do enjoy them as well 🙂

  4. I loved your list Jackie. I had forgotten about “When Two Are in Love’ by Prince. One of my favorites too. Happy Valentines to you and yours!

  5. Very cool and eclectic list; not unlike yourself. I am pleased with your respect for Prince (i.e you didn’t list the pop stuff that everyone loves). If I get a chance, I will post my list (as if anyone cares). HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

  6. Hey Dorian,

    I am so interested in your list. Please post!

  7. […] this first day of Holy Week! If you remember my Valentine’s Day post or more accurately, my Valentine’s Day Eve post, I discussed some songs that get me in that lovey dovey mood…And that is why I want to list […]

  8. […] this first day of Holy Week! If you remember my Valentine’s Day post or more accurately, my Valentine’s Day Eve post, I discussed some songs that get me in that lovey dovey mood…And that is why I want to list […]

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