The Obama Nation v. The Hater Nation

Hello World!!!

The hate is thick! Since our first black president-elect was chosen on Nov. 4, hate , like the lava from a volcano, has been oozing out and I hope things don’t erupt…But on the other hand, I, like many other Americans I’m sure, didn’t expect the first black president to skate into the White House unfettered by the restraints of racism.

However, I am bothered by the response of some Christians’ response to Obama’s win because whether they want to admit it or not, they too, are racist. (Yeah, I said it. Shout out Michael Baisden, ha,ha)  Here’s the thing. I am a Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins. I believe He arose from the dead. I believe that He is coming back again. Case closed. But I sincerely believe that these Christians, these Christians who have hijacked the Republican Party, sincerely believe that if you are not on their side, then you are on the side of the devil.

A friend of mine, Ms. D, sent an e-mail to me about this big time Christian’s response to Obama’s historic win. Apparently, this guy Dutch Sheets, who I had never heard of before last week, is a minister and prayer warrior known throughout the world. His printed response is Exhibit A in my argument that some Christians are just racist when it comes to their lack of support of Obama. (Actually for the purpose of brevity, I don’t have an Exhibit B, but whatever- it’s my blog. 🙂 )

Read his  written response here. Here are just a few snippets of some of the things Sheets said. First of all, he said that Obama’s win was not God’s will. He said that “as a nation we put on the blinders concerning Barak Obama’s background, associations, beliefs, and practices and set these causes (he was referring to abortion and other issues) back years, possibly decades. And in doing so we took another step away from God and His plans for America and another step toward judgment.”

First of all, I promise you that this guy spells “Barack” as “Barak” throughout the whole article. What is up with that? You don’t even respect him enough as the president-elect and as a human being to spell his name right. This seemingly small mistake points to a latent disrespect of the man. And it’s funny about this whole association thing that the Republicans tried to make an issue of prior to the election. For months, Obama was criticized for his association with his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright. I don’t say that I agree with all of Wright’s beliefs, but at least everyone could point to the fact that Obama had a Christian pastor. What pastor was McCain associated with? Since we are talking about beliefs, associations and practices? What does McCain believe? Who was he associated with? What were his practices? I won’t dredge up all of the issues of this past election season, but as someone said to me last night, when you would rather elect a known adulterer who shies away from any discussions of faith, than someone who you can identify as a Christian who has been the faithful husband of one wife and call that “God’s will,” then I have got to believe that another issue is really the real issue.

Then Sheets goes on to detail some of the judgments that Americans will face as a result of Obama’s presidency, “more economic woes” was at the top of the list.  Well, Mr. Sheets, if “economic woes” is a sign of God’s judgment, then God used President George Bush to usher in that judgment, and we all know that he is a true Christian as he is a member of the Republication party. (The sarcasm is dripping from my lips…) Actually, it is my belief that if Bush hadn’t been such an atrocious president, then Obama wouldn’t have had a chance to get elected. I wonder if that was God’s will too…

He then goes on to address any false predictions he may have made regarding the election and the resulting backlash. “Like many, believing I had many promises and confirmations that God would ‘grace’ us with a pro-life president in this election, I failed to consider strongly enough that all promises-even scripture are conditional 99.9 percent of the time…If this caused any harm or confusion, I apologize.” He said he was “somewhat angry at the nation in general and much of the Church.” You know what I say to that, stop writing checks with your mouth that your actions can’t cash…

And here’s the kicker. He compared Sarah Palin to women in the Bible. “I believe she is an Esther, a Deborah, with a huge mantle from God for reformation. God has great destiny for her related to this nation if she chooses to continue down this path.”  (Sheets haven’t you learned? Stop writing checks!) Goodness, I must have no spiritual discernment to miss that Sarah Palin is a Biblical woman reincarnated. If that is the case, then Bush is Abraham or maybe even Paul…Mr. Dutch Sheets, you may be “passing the dutchie” because you are sadly mistaken! And you know what else, I just think you are a part of the Hater Nation rather than the Obama nation. And since Obama will be the next president of the United States of America, it is with a special joy that I say this. “America. Love it or Leave it.”

I could say more, but I won’t because I want to hear from you…

Any thoughts?


~ by jackieholness on November 16, 2008.

19 Responses to “The Obama Nation v. The Hater Nation”

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  2. Just to balance things out, one of my favorite bible teachers, Beth Moore, who is white, said wonderful things about Obama’s election and reproved some of her fellow Christians in her blog on Nov. 5.
    But, for the most part, a lot of white Christians hatin’ on Obama.

  3. As the token white Christian on this list, let me just say that pretty much every other white Christian I know is wildly, wildly positive about Obama.(This even includes some conservative evangelicals who voted for George Bush.) These people are signing up for “Pray for our new president” days on Facebook… I never thought that I would see the day! Racism is still very real in this world, but I believe that for many whites, Obama’s race was a positive factor, if it was a factor at all.

    Dutch Sheets has some nasty rhetoric to spew, but please do not claim he is representative of all (or even most) white Christians!

  4. unfortunately the obama backlash is just beginning. i’m just going to continue praying to God to give him good counsel and to protect him and his family from harm because that’s the CHRISTIAN thing to do.

  5. @Damola, thanks for the balance!

    @Tess, I certainly don’t believe that Dutch speaks for white Christians! I just personally wish he would stop speaking…no I actually believe in free speech, but nevertheless, his speech is well..I already said what I think in the post:)

    @Jjay, you are right! Praying for his counsel and protection is THE Christian thing to do! And thanks for your comment!

  6. I have to disagree with Tess. Every white Christian web site I went on in the past six months was so pro-McCain it turned my stomach. The bottom line is now he’s their president too, and they are instructed by the Word of God to pray for him.

  7. The reality of all of this is that there are leaders and then followers. Unfortunately, most Americans are followers; they would rather take the word of an ignorant man than find out the truth for themselves. Most Americans never take into account the fact that a minister, politician and a regular person have the same things in common. They are all men, not sin free and have to put their pants on one leg at a time. They also have to answer to God for their part in the world, be it for good or evil.

    “Like many, believing I had many promises and confirmations that God would ‘grace’ us with a pro-life president in this election.”

    What does it matter if the President is pro-life? This is 2008 not 1908, Roe v. Wade will never change as long as there is a abundance of smart feminist, homosexuals and minorities in societies mix. Bush was pro-life and president for 8 years. Did the issue ever come up? I think not! So that issue is just moot and shows his ignorance. He fails to see that this is not the same world that he grew up in as a child where white meant good and pure and black meant dark and evil!

    “He compared Sarah Palin to women in the Bible.”

    Meaning as Eve tempted Adam into that apple and plummeted us all into destruction. Yeah!

    The mind is a terrible thing to waste. People believe what they believe. If we truly believe in the Lord we need to be praying for PE Obama and His family, that they will be safe from any hurt or harm. Let us all just pray! Just pray; pray and believe the best.

  8. Well, I have to comment and say that It is not about his race that most christaians dislike. That makes you feell safer to say that then to actually look at what the man stands for. It is diviersion from the real truth. Just to let you know Bush did do something about abortion, first week or so in office he made it so our tax dollars did not go towards paying for abortions. I don’t believe that Roe will ever be stopped. but , I have a responsibility to vote for a man that at least says he doesn’t like abortion. It is the best I can do with my vote. Now, Obama has promised to sign the FOC to overtrun any law that stops partial birth etc. If he keeps that promise , that blood will be on your hands. Don’t try to convince me that you are right,. You will stand before God and he will judge you. Convince Him. Tell Him abortion is not important. Then we can get into socialism which will not save America but destroy it.You need to read Revelations. You are all being deceived. I do not like Dutch Sheets either. He is part of the endtimes deceived also. Some of what he said wasn’t bad, but him and his friends are all part of the later rain dominionism group that are nuts. Do not follow them either. Pelase understand some people are racist, but I can tell you that my friends and family did not vote for him because of what he believes. Understand my son just joined the Army National Guard. I know that Obama does not like the military, I am very concerned.A man who says the military are air raiding villages and killing civilians in my opinion Doesn’t understand what the military does.If anything happens to my son because Obama sends him out without proper equipment or if he even hurts muy sons feelings, I will hold you all accountable for it. Please stop looking at race and see the man for what he stands for. Wake Up.;I wishMr. Obama was white, because if had said and stood for any of the things as a white man this would not have happenened. No one would have voted for him. Because they would be looking at who is is instead of what color he was. I will pray hard for Him and America, but according to my bible it will only get worse.There will be christians who say ,but Lord I cast out demons in your name etc. and the Lord will know them not.More and more people will be decieved. That is why the Bible is full of warnings. I hope and pray you open your eyes……..

  9. Chicki, I think you and I are going to different Christian websites! Check out and

    I also took a look at some of the exit polling data–McCain captured 74% of the white evangelical vote. However, keep in mind that not all white Christians are evangelicals, and also that Obama doubled his share of younger white evangelicals (ages 18 to 44) compared with John Kerry.

    I am praying for our newly elected president, and also that our country finds unity and common ground despite our differences.

    Mark 9:40 “He who is not against us is for us.”

  10. Sad just sad.

  11. This Dutch Sheets guy is a fruitcake. Case closed. God is still in control and makes not mistakes. Obama ’08!

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    Love to get your thoughts???

  14. @ Gwen,

    Thanks for your comment!!! I was wondering if you ever would… 🙂

    As for that article, I respect her opinion. I don’t agree with everything that President-Elect Obama supports, but I think he is the best candidate for our time in history

    In addition, I also don’t support the fact that many, many Americans and others have lost their lives in an ill-advised war. We actually went to war based on an outright fallacy! I certainly don’t think unborn babies should lose their lives, but I also don’t think that grown men and women should lose their lives either. I think Obama will help on that front! I don’t believe in abortion, and I don’t believe in war…So I chose Obama not because I’m in love with all ideals of the Democratic party, but even a cursory examination of the Republican party will reveal its dualities…I could explain more,but I won’t!

  15. You cannot choose war over babies. The military are a VOLUNTARY position. They volunteer. Babies have no such choice. they can’t volunteer not to die. Just so you know the murder rate in Chicago is higher than the death rate in the war. Who was in charge of Chicago who?The war was started because of 9-11.Yes there was faulty reports on mass weapons. But , that doesn’t mean keeping the terrorists over in Iraq a bad idea. Just please do not say the millitary volunteers out weigh abortion baby deaths. Please explain the dualities, I’m interested. Because it’s nonesense! You picked Obamma because of his race. Isn’t that racist!!!

  16. @Pam,

    Yes, war is voluntary. However, these men and women volunteered when they thought they knew the truth, which we now know is not true. But rather than admit this war was wrong and probably one of the biggest blunders of U.S. history, we soldier on…and lose many lives in the process. Again, I don’t agree with abortion, but I believe the Republican party has a big part in our soldiering on…And as far as dualities are concerned, the Republican party is supposed to be the party of family values, when many high ranking Republicans have been found to not practice what they preach…just think about that for a while. You can have family values and be in either party. I guess in some ways some Republicans remind me of the Pharisees in the Bible, they have the appearance of being holy when they are really hollow on the inside and live according according to various rules which say nothing of the condition of their hearts. That’s just my observation and I could be wrong.

    As to another point you made, yes I partly voted for Obama for his race; however,if Jesse Jackson were running, I wouldn’t vote for him. If Al Sharpton, which I actually like, were running I wouldn’t vote him. Yes, I am proud he is a black man, but that certainly isn’t enough for me to vote for him. He is the right man at the right time. Let’s see where we are four years from now. I will certainly keep him in prayer just as I have prayed for George Bush and other leaders.

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  18. […] read on if you’re an Obama fan!!! Here’s the thing…As I mentioned in another post, many Christians are convinced that President-elect Obama is not a Christian although he has […]

  19. […] the cold weather and Sarah Palin are not the focus of this post. Since my last post about some Christians and their lack of support of President-Elect Barack Obama caused a vigorous […]

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