Late breaking post – Sex and the City…For Teens!

Hello World!!!

Okay, since I started this blog earlier this month, I have tried to set a schedule of posting once a day on Sunday and Wednesday. I have already posted once for today, but after finding this tidbit on the AJC newspaper Web site,  I had to post again! (Okay, I’m thinking I need to somehow be on the AJC payroll.)

Anywho, guess what?…I can’t hear you! Oh yeah, that’s right, you’re reading this…Okay, I hope that was funny. (Probably not.) So aight already, here’s the news. Candace Bushnell, my patron saint of single girl angst, is writing a pair of novels about Carrie, a la “Sex and the City,” as a teenager!  The new books will be called “The Carrie Diaries.” (I know this is not a religious topic, but I am a religious fan…)

The first book will debut in 2010!!! This conjures up fond memories of one of my fave childhood books, “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret?” by Judy Blume!

Do you think these books will be a hit! Can y’all see Carrie as a teenager? I’m willing to buy them when they come out! Goody, goody!!!

Any thoughts?


~ by jackieholness on September 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Late breaking post – Sex and the City…For Teens!”

  1. Hm. Possible titles? “Awkward Sex in the City”? “Pimply Sex in the City”? “Sex in His Chevy: The Teenage Years”?

    I can think of few things I’m less interested in. =)


  2. @Soul Daddy,

    Yeah, this post was strictly for the females…but as you can see no one besides you has commented…but I’m still stoked -even if I am an audience of one:(

  3. I hope Bushnell tones down the overt sexuality. Teens have enough negative encouragement as it is.

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